Skirting board

The floor skirting is small, but very important element of the decoration of any room. Its installation is carried out in the last turn, when walls, ceilings finishing is completed, and the floor covering is laid on. In addition, the baseboard gives the interior elegance, performing an important decorative role. Recently, skirting was made of wooden planks by means of hand tools. They had triangular shape, sometimes along the entire length of planks there were made shaped hollows thus completing their aesthetic appearance. Their width is only 3—4 cm. Modern skirting differ from its predecessors in many ways. When choosing skirting, an attention should be paid to its shape, material and colour.

Skirting not only give the room an attractive appearance, but also have certain responsibilities:

  • When laying floors, the gaps are left between the floors and walls where can get dust, dirt water. To avoid this, use floor skirting.
  • It covers the unevenness which can arise in the joints between the flooring and walls.
  • Modern house is filled with all kinds of appliances, having a large number of wires. In order for them not to intertwine with each other and not to spoil the interior of the premises, they can be placed under the skirting.
  • Due to the presence of this element in the room there can be created the original transition from the floor to the walls. In some cases, it is chosen to match the floor, and sometimes is used it to create a contrast that makes the design more pronounced.

In the process of manufacturing skirtings different materials are used: wood, plywood, metal or fibre building board. Each has its own characteristics. Therefore, the choice depends on personal preference, the design and cost.

One of the most expensive and demanded is considered a skirting made of solid wood, because it is made from wooden panels of the highest grade. Skirtings made of solid oak has the most demand. A skirting to frame flooring can be completely made of solid fine wood ranging from oak to mahogany or can have at the baseline pine or fir wood, which covers a plywood of more valuable material.

For coverings made of natural wood — flooring, parquet and massive floorboard — veneer profile is perfect. A wide choice of material is a consequence of the expanding range of parquet floors, a process associated with the growing number of used wood. Plywood compared to the solid much less twists or bends, that is, it better preserves the geometry.