Engineered parquet

Repairing is long and difficult process. When it is time to install floor, we think about materials. Of course, each of us wants to get comfort and heat of own “nest”. The best possible and environmentally-friendly option, which has positive impact on human health, is parquet board.

The wood has low density; this fact gives not only good qualities, but also it is a reason of deformation due to drop in humidity in location. These problems could be solved in 1941. “Multilayer parquet board” was invented and patented in Sweden. This structure, consisting of three layers, became replacement for massive wooden floor and parquet.

Parquet board is prepared in various tones and colors; it is wear-resisting, ready-to-use material.

Moreover, the material does not lose its natural qualities, which provides good microclimate in the location.

This covering has the same properties as parquet, but has significant advantages over its “precursor”.

One of the most important advantages is that there is no need for numerous procedures after purchase. This flooring does not need polishing, scraping and five layers of varnish. All these works are done in the factory.

Today, only 2 types of parquet board are presented in parquet products market of our country, namely, 3-layer and 2-layer parquet boards. They are all depending on each other. Upper — not more than 0.5—6 mm, made of high-quality precious species.

With this or higher capacity, parquet may be further treated, including:

  • Brushing
  • Planing
  • Bleaching
  • Thermal treatment

After processing, the product is covered with varnish or oil-wax layer. Sometimes special solution is used for toning the wood.

Middle part of the product is made of pine-tree and laid so that its fibers are at right angle to fibers of other layers.

Depending on a number of pieces, boards can be:

  • One strips
  • Two strips
  • Three strips
  1. Weitzer Parkett
  2. Garbelotto
  3. Bauwerk
  4. STP Wood Flooring

Products in interiors

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