Solid parquet

Our traditional plank flooring is currently experiencing its revival. At modern level, it is made of large-sized boards of whole unsized wood of valuable species. Such floor is distinguished by special elegancy, solidity, durability. This is a classical style that never goes out of fashion. Natural wood does not cause allergic reactions, it breaths, whereas, it is as an organic material and has excellent head-conducting properties. Currently, prefabricated solid wood is widely spread: polished and covered with UV-curing varnish or saturated with oil and finished with wax. Along with traditional European species — oak, maple, ash, walnut, etc., there are exotic species — wenge, iroko, teak and others.

Massive floorboard is a homogeneous rectangular board, made of solid wood of certain size. At the ends it is milled by connecting profile tongue and groove. In order to eliminate inner stress, longitudinal saw cutting is made on the reverse side of the board. Solid wood may be of fixed and combined length.

Quite often massive floorboard is supplied without any special treatment, just polished and covered with protective layer of varnish or oil. However, nowadays, large part of products consists of massive floorboard with decorative finishes or combination of finishes.

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Products in interiors

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